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PostSubject: Chrisaster the Disaster   Chrisaster the Disaster Icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 9:30 am

Yes, our problem with Chrisaster is fizzling away. Just recently he banned everyone from the server, no biggy. Fixed right away. I have one request from the Clients though. Please, do not aggrivate the hacker or future hackers that may come. It only leads to more damage of one server. Also, Please do not ask of the hacker to do a trick he can preform. It may aggrivate some people, and may enlighten yourself. Personally i do not want to see clients leaving and not coming back to CA. CA is a great server. One last thing, Please do NOT kill, or slap the hacker with a prop. Bullets from your guns kill too... Please leave the hacker be. If you just ignore him, he will get bored and leave. If he plays one of the "Scare" Screens, do not react and spam chat. let the admins calm or please the hacker. Clients do not have power split up. Grouped together, clients will start to think of many different ways to handle situations one client cannot handle alone. Ex: 1 Client is continuosly slaying another Client. Client calls for help after giving up once being spawn killed. Multiple Clients slay offender. Offender gets pissed off, or leaves. Clients can aggrivate Hackers and be banned. Together clients can negotiate or even crash another. Simply by console glitches, or learning about the Offenders computer components. Keep this in mind please! See you later =D
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Chrisaster the Disaster
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